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Lolly Badcock

For years I put off looking into her, for what ever reason I don’t know, but when I did finally watch her videos I was utterly amazed. 

It’s hard to describe her videos, but they are full of this energy thet very few seem to have, she knew how to use her body like a sexual weapon.  The scarey thing is when you actually see her you realise that she is actually a gorgeous woman with an amazingly beautiful innocent looking face (her eyes, lips and smile are deadly) which is such a juxtaposition to her mouth, she was the best dirty talker in the biz, which is a good thing that she at least does Babestation so thats still with us she could recite the alphabet and make it sound dirty as fuck. (which has given me an idea, time to edit a video!)

It is one of lifes great ironies and fuck you to all that Lolly retired and then got amazing implants put in.  Which just completed her look.

I live in hope she makes a return as porn seems to be the one business where you never say never.

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